Personal illustrations

Illustrations for La Martiniere Jeunesse
(La Lettre Mystere, Un cherche et trouve dans la ville - 2021)

Illustrations I’ve made for Milan Editions
(A la recherche de l’epee legendaire - 2021)

Popi - Bayard presse (August 2021 Issue)

Illustrations for Mon Premier Tour de France - Milan Editions

Illustrations for Editions Lito
(Mes docs pour grandir : le Chateau Fort - 2022)

Cover and Chapter illustrations for Petita Demas
(WildGirls - 2022) 

Some Illustrations I made for Where’s The Twink book

Illustrations pour “Mes Premiers J’aime Lire” Mai 2020

Illustrations for  cards game
“ Never Get Bored in a Car Puzzles & Games”
Usborne 2020.

Illustrations for 2021 february issue of Stell a Magazine

Illustrations for Graou Magazine

Character designs for Whiskas at Nomint

Concept designs for my book Oliver’s Hair.

Concepts designs for a pitch at Nomint.

Some samples I’ve made for Usb orne Publishing

Concept designs for comic projects.

Design for a pitch at Studio Aka.

Illustrations for Studio Aka

Some personal illustrations I’ve made for friends and family 

Concept design for my graduation movie.

character designs for a pitch at Nomint.

Illustrations for Pets at Home Magazine

Concept design for a project at Nomint.

Concept designs for an animated short film project 

Concept design for a Google project at Nomint

Concept designs for a personal project

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