Hi, I am Camille Ferrari.

+33 (0)629377818

I am a french illustrator and 3D generalist.
After 3 years spent in London, where I was the lead designer at Nomint studio, I am now back in Paris.

I work as an illustrator for books, but also as a designer for animation (Blue Spirit, Technicolor Animation productions).

I’ve gratuated from Supinfocom Valenciennes in 2016 (3D animation school),
and I am holding a DMA animation degree (2D animation).

In 2017, I won an EBGE design award for Best illustration with the very first book I ‘ve illustrated : Oliver’s Hair.
( https://www.petitademas.com/oliver/)

Since then, I’ve worked for other magazines and publishers.
(Bayard Presse, Milan Editions, The Telegraph, Amaterra, La Martinière Jeunesse, Lito etc...).

I am represented by Lemonade Illustration Agency.



Olivers’s Hair - Petita Demas

Slumber of Sloths - Petita Demas

Mes P’tites Questions : Les Calendriers - Milan Editions
A la Recherche de l’Epee Legendaire - Milan Editions
Where is the Twink ? - Self Publishing

Minou ! Minou ? - Editions Amaterra
La lettre mystère. Un cherche et trouve dans la ville - La Martinière Jeunesse
Cover for the book WILDGIRLS - Petita Demas

Mon Premier Tour de France - Milan Editions
Mes P’tites Questions : Les Microbes -  Milan Editions
Les Docs pour Grandir : Le château fort - Editions Lito

Magazines // Press

J’aime Lire Max (Bayard Presse)
Astrapi  (Bayard Presse)
1 jour 1 actu  (Milan)
Wapiti (Milan)
Stella Magazine (The Telegraph)
Mariott Bonvoy Traveler

Les Curiaunautes  (Milan)
Graou (Maison Georges)
The Teleghraph Magazine
Les Poupées Russes agency
Mes Premiers J’aime Lire - August & December Issues (Bayard Presse)
Never Get bored in a car puzzles & games (Usborne)

Stella Magazine (The Telegraph)
Popi (Bayard Presse)
Astrapi Soleil (Bayard Presse)
Manon Magazine (Milan presse)
Affiche pour La compagnie du Marteau

Salamandre Junior

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